Youthopeian Writing Competition

The Winners

The Winners


First Place

Nyla Nasir


Second Place

Ali Wiederhold


Third Place

Sarah Cho


Consolation Prize

Gabriel Cromie


Consolation Prize

Neha Varadharajan



  • The document should be in 12-point type, Times New Roman font; with 1-inch margins

  • Include the title of your work at the beginning of the document. Do not include identifying information such as student name and school

  • Accepted file types: Word documents (.doc or .docx)

  • All submissions must be in English

  • All submissions must be written in less than 750 words


Prompt 2: Present Meets Future

Imagine that you found a time-traveling machine that teleported you to a utopian future. You are in an ideal society where everyone is treated equally with no crimes, no domination, and no concept of surplus-value. You have a backpack with a rope, a pocket knife, a diary, and a magic wand. The magic wand can only be used once, but the power it has is immense as you can use it to do anything at all. Write a story describing the place you are teleported to, the society prevalent, the people living there, unusual things about the place, and how you use the items in your backpack.



  • First Prize: One year of ProWritingAid Premium ($79 value), a Forest promo code, and a certificate

  • Second Prize: One year of Taskade Unlimited ($60 value), a Forest promo code, and a certificate

  • Third Prize: One year of Momentum Plus ($39.95 value), a Forest promo code, and a certificate

  • Consolation Prize: One year of Todoist premium ($36 value), and a certificate

  • All participants will get a participation certificate


  • Launch of Application - 5th February

  • Last Day to Submit the Application - 25th February

  • Announcement of Winners: 28th February


Prompt 1: Tech Wear

Wearable technology is something that has been fancied by all of us. We've seen cool wearable technology in old spy films and have desired to own some of them. Today more of such technology is developed and made available to consumers. There are smart glasses that display computer screens in front of our eyes, wristbands that count steps and track sleep, smartwatches with all the features of phones, and Virtual Reality headsets. Imagine that you have invented new tech wear. Write a story describing the item, how you invented it, its uses, and how people react.


Prompt 3: Climate Change Apocalypse

A dangerous apocalypse has struck the earth due to climate change and has wiped out half the earth's population. It is challenging to survive as a majority of the crops have died. There is very little food to eat and people are in great misery. Write a story about how you faced the apocalypse, what measures were taken to curb climate change and what changes were made post-apocalypse.


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