When Earth Became A Living Hell

Boom! The white clouds disappeared. The blue skies turned a dim orange. My eyes stung and I could no longer breathe.

Earth - the planet we took for granted. The planet we wasted. A place where there were luscious green trees and clear oceans. Earth was the most precious gift Mother Nature had granted to us. But we failed her and now we’re facing the consequences. We’re all forced to wear heavy masks with oxygen tanks attached to the side. I’m also extremely lonely. I have no friends and no family. Everyone I knew died at the start of the climate apocalypse. Many died of heat stroke or lack of oxygen. Some were even victims of cannibalism due to a group of mentally ill psychopaths. I thank the Heavens I’m still alive to see each day. But it’s hard to shake off the feeling of loneliness. You feel as if you’re trapped inside a plastic bubble with no one to console you. I’m also sickly thin with my skin barely wrapped around my bare bones. I have gone hungry for 3 days straight because the government ran out of rations. I’m barely holding onto life. I can sense that my body’s about to give up. But my heart, my soul, and my mind aren’t ready to give up. I will fight till the day my eyes are too heavy to afford one more blink. Follow me along my journey, welcome to my world.

It was another day on this hellish earth. I was on my way to work at the Climate Reversal Corporation. My job was simple. Throwing bombs of carbon dioxide sucking vacuum balls. These were recently invented by the government’s top environmental engineers. They were little vacuum balls that could suck up carbon dioxide. This would help reduce carbon dioxide in our atmosphere and help reduce temperatures. It was a slow process, but we were making progress. I was somewhat hopeful for each ball I threw. Maybe one day, I would see the blue skies again. Maybe one day I could start making friends again on a healthy Earth. However, with every vacuum ball I threw, it felt as if I was losing a part of myself. Each time I mustered up all the energy in my body to launch a vacuum ball, I realized how weak I was. It was taxing to constantly throw 10 kg balls into the atmosphere with my own hands. But I wasn’t going to give up. Scientists were mad at work trying to develop a large-scale vacuum that could essentially vacuum out all the carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases, then convert them into oxygen. I prayed every single day for this invention to become a reality for I was sick of this world.

Then it happened. I turned on the TV the morning of April 19, 2192 -3 years later. The news anchors were frantically explaining that scientists in America had developed a carbon dioxide-sucking vacuum that could convert all the greenhouse gases in the air to pure oxygen. I was going to finally see the end of the devilish reign of the climate apocalypse. I would live to see blue skies and clear water again. The launch was set for later this afternoon. I immediately packed all my belongings and headed out to the launch site. I waited and waited and then it happened. A wondrous boom of sparks and all the red dust particles being sucked into the giant vacuum machine. There was a piercing moment of utter silence. Then, the sky slowly started to clear up and we started to see blue for the first time in 5 years. We all took off our oxygen masks and cheered at the top of our lungs. We were saved. We had made it through a climate apocalypse. I hugged all the people around me and we celebrated till the dawning hours of the next day.

For those in the past or future reading my memoir, I have something to say. Please protect our Earth. Earth is not a place you should ever take for granted. It is your home. Your planet. If you keep wasting it and taking advantage of it, you will have to live in the terror-filled world I lived in during the Climate apocalypse. Spread awareness on climate change, encourage others around you to start living sustainability, and most of all, love our planet and care for it.