The Time-Travelling Whiteboard

I once invented a whiteboard.

“Whiteboards already exist”, you’d say. I’d say you’re right. But I didn’t invent any ordinary, dry erase marker-complementing whiteboard.

I invented a time-travelling whiteboard.

After fourteen years of thorough research and tinkering with analogues and special relativity, I finally put together a whiteboard that would send anything mind-written on it to 500 years in the future. You had to wear a special pair of spectacles and look at the whiteboard attached to a holder above your head and mind-write on the whiteboard, and whatever idea cooked in your brain would be sent to the future.

I loved my invention. I looked at the calendar after staring in awe at the mystical whiteboard- it was 6th February, 3021. I spent an entire century putting this together, and I was okay with it. I thought it would take longer. Wiping the Martian sweat off my forehead, I took off the spectacles and board holder, and sat down for a bug soda break.

But I kicked the whiteboard and spectacles off the spaceship by mistake while rummaging through my space bag, and it fell down and down and down only to hit the ground in a busy antique shop in Massachusetts, US, Earth.

And here is where things got really interesting, as I saw through my Earth monitor.

The antique store owner put the whiteboard and spectacles attached to it on a shelf, grazing over the weird-looking dials on it but not caring anyway. A girl who looked about fourteen earth-wise entered the shop and bought the whiteboard for four Earth dollars. Okay.

She was confused, but something must have drawn her to the mystical whiteboard. She made it her study whiteboard, and noticed that a pair of spectacles was attached to the whiteboard. Must be a mind-writing device, she thought. She wore the whiteboard holder and spectacles, and mind-wrote on it. She wrote equations, formulae, whatnot. She studied with it all day long.

But she noticed a while later that whatever she mind-wrote didn’t stay on the whiteboard for long. She would wake up to find the whiteboard erased. Where did the writing go?

Not to 500 years in the future, but 500 years in the past. I messed up my invention yet again.

I set my monitor to the year 1621. People noticed weird writing on the medieval walls, and were flabbergasted at the steps for purifying iron and the third equation of motion.

One clever man noticed an equation that seemed to explain how to purify iron, and wrote it down on a napkin, only to pass it off as his own idea and be awarded a science prize.

Other intelligent men and women looked at these equations and derived meanings from them- Newton put together the laws of motion, Leonardo Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa. A whole lot of other people found inspiration in these mysterious writings on the wall.

While the girl in the present was mystified, the people of the past were delighted.

The world of the past slowly began shaping into the world today. Modern ideas, technology, and lifestyle were coming into the picture. People kept building walls and more walls, in the hope that this useful genius who wrote on the walls would continue to do so for as long as possible.

All thanks to my went-wrong invention and a fourteen-year-old highschooler who found a Martian’s invention in an antique shop.

I felt so proud that day sipping my bug soda.