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Would life be better with no internet?

“Once upon a time, a flickering flame pierced the gloomy darkness of the night, blessing a 930 brain sized creature* with the gifts of dauntlessness, power, and mostly intelligence .” end of the story.

This is how charming and alluring our fairytale is, with no dragons burning the woods just for warmth or even a titan stealing fire from Olympian gods to grace the humans**. Instead, our story has its own magic, and the wizard in it is none other than the Homo-Erectus, 2 million years ago.

But had our story really ended there?

During the 70’s, a new invention saw light in the middle of the cold war’s murk (between the USSR and the USA) and invaded with no gunfire or nuclear threat the whole globe by the end of the 20 century. And now every 86 billion neuron creature***, in almost every house, around our tiny planet, uses the international network or in short, the internet.

Unlike fire, this supernal system blessed our kind with the gifts of knowledge, communication and mostly rapid development. It’s almost a teleportation tool that links the west to the east and the past to the future, an infinite library holding all the human knowledge.

But still, would life be better with no internet? It is difficult to see a situation for what it is when you’re in the midst of it …it’s too familiar, too comfortable. Nevertheless, many types of research have been made in the matter, trying hard to destroy the kalopsia cyber humans are living in. For us, the internet is almost a survival condition in the modern world, yet it turned out that this pursue has considerably affected us emotionally. In fact, there are many hypotheses suggesting that depression rates had increased drastically due to this sudden transition from a world with no internet to one full of new technological devices, why? Simply because our brains aren't yet accustomed to a life beyond the main biological functions ...and even though technology is simply a set of strategies our species has developed in order to cope with being self-conscious creatures on a chaotic and often hostile planet, the Internet made us feel isolated and pushed us away from family and friends. In fact, it became an existence condition to have an online social relevance with others just to integrate and escape loneliness.

But in the end, aren't we all alone under the reign of social media?

In addition to this, Cybercrimes are without any doubt an international calamity that puts our personal information in danger. Every second can morph your life into hell. Maybe everything on your phone is being stolen right now while reading these same lines. Isn't it frightening to sit on a couch, a teacup in one hand, singing along with your favourite song, calm and serene, while someone, somewhere, is trespassing your privacy?

And as James Veitch once said: "The Internet gave us access to everything; but it also gave everything access to us ." Furthermore, if no Internet ever existed, children would be playing and exploring the world with their "eyes" instead of sitting in front of a monitor, enjoying their "addiction". As a result, the rates of obesity will surely decrease since sitting in front of an Xbox will no longer be an option to fill the hours. And now, you might be thinking: is the Internet a curse then? Well, from the high seas to the depths of the world’s most dense forests, none can deny how much help this system gave us, even though many of us are no longer as happy as we were before getting our first access to the Internet.

Because after all, once upon a time, a 15 centimeters brain sized creature, looked up at the sky, closed his eyes to take a deep breath, and started building the future.

Not the end of the story.

*930 cm^3:the size of the homo-erectus brain

**the myth of Prometheus

***the human brain contains 86 billion neuron according to

Written by - Ghizlane Idsaid