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Why 2020 is the Future We’d Never Imagined

Remember the New Year's Eve of 2019? Everyone was excited over a glass of champagne and making resolutions about eating healthy, saving more, or even quitting smoking; saying stuff like ‘New year - New me’ or ‘ This is gonna be my year’, etc. 2020, a year imagined as a fresh decade full of possibilities and opportunities. A doorway to exciting adventures that lie ahead of us in every field. This year was supposed to be an era where we’d see the new world powers emerge, technology and medical science reaching beyond comparison. Instead, 2020 emerged as a nightmare for the entire world. It became a rasping power that held all of us back. From social distancing to quarantines, to overbuying sanitizer/toilet paper, and a cluster of zoom get-togethers; 2020 has changed the lives of every soul around the globe.

Consider a boxing ring where humanity is against 2020. COVID-19 manages to hook us with its first hit, a hit we haven’t been able to obverse yet. The hit is apparent everywhere and has affected basic human practices. It has almost been a year since the deadly virus slapped and we still stand dumbfounded. A settlement that was proud of its technological and medical advancements standing numb in front of the virus, is something we never imagined.

Not to mention that we failed to protect our fellow earthlings by the Australian fires, volcanic eruptions in Luzon, and the Assam floods that damaged the lives and properties of millions. Economic depression, unemployment that has left people with a shortage of money. Losing their favourite celebrities and leaders' have disturbed people emotionally and mentally. Increasing domestic violence cases around the world have left people stupefied especially in a time of solitary loneliness.

With merely a month left of this horror-filled adventurous year, who knows what turn it might take? But look at the hopeful prospect, the importance of spending quality time with family that 2020 instilled into us. It taught us the importance of health and hygiene practices that should be incorporated into our daily routine. It made us realize what great chefs we are and that we can do anything even if we are sitting on our cozy beds in our PJs.

2020 knocked us out in the first round in the boxing ring, but we still have time to think about changing ourselves. We can still knock 2020 out in the next round whilst entering 2021: with newly learnt ideas, inspirations and enthusiasm to make this world a better place. After all, natural disasters, pandemic and all the restlessness around us is the result of our actions, isn’t it?