• youthopeian

The Vast Empire of Mr. Drastic Plastic

Fade away, fade away, little star,

I don’t care what you are,

Up above the world so high,

Plastics will now rule the sky”

If you were to go stargazing with a telescope today, I don’t think you would find stars. You wouldn’t espy those heavenly orbs shining bright, thrust in the dreamy black skies, but, trust me, bits of trash and plastic.

I had been thinking all these years that earth was the only place, exquisitely slaughtered by humans. But lo and behold, we must be proud to say that we have started butchering space as well! It wouldn’t be a surprise if there comes a piece of news in a few years stating that Mars is plastic-trafficked.

When people tag themselves space aficionados, slouch smiling in their platinum-plated satin couches, singing praises about the human exploits on Mars, we, the people, are not given any flake of information about space, filling up with a myriad of clutter. Do not mistake it to be in two or three digits, for there are six thousand tonnes of them!

Of course, I did read an article titled, “NASA concerned about space’s growing trash problems” but then, I haven’t got an exiguous idea on why NASA is so interested in civilizing Mars when they have clearly reported by the end of December 2020, that they are concerned about this plastic island in space.

Space experts call this space junk a 'drifting island of plastic’ which already sounds like a disaster waiting to detonate.

The American tycoon who stands third in the list of richest men in the world as of 2021, Elon Musk’s aerospace company SpaceX, in 2018, launched a rocket into space that carried space sweepers to clean up this debris. The company launched 100 such “Remove Debris” gizmos, but the more these capsules are sent into space, the greater the risk of them crashing into each other. And with companies sending up countless constellations of satellites into the already crowded space, experts fear the dawn of Kessler syndrome, a chain reaction that leads to the creation of more space junk due to collisions between existing space junk.

Each attempt to understand the universe leaves it more befouled. By filling up the space with garbage, we have made life a lot more poxy for the empirical astronomers who would look at the far-flung skies and galaxies in wonderment, waiting for their day to come to fiddle with the stars. For all we would find today will be dead rockets, cold constellations, and plastic pride.

“Let’s throw trash in the sky,

Up, to the highest height,

Let’s throw trash in the sky

And send it soaring!

Up, to the atmosphere,

Up, where the air is clear,

Oh let’s go, throw some trash.”