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Written by Regina Dideles

How adaptive are human beings? The human race has come a long way in adapting to change. From homo erectus to homo sapiens, everyone can definitively say that, yes, the human race is adaptive to its surroundings. Are their inventions adaptive to change as well? Thousands of years have passed already and the human race is still here thanks to inventions and new technologies.

Unfortunately, the planet Earth is also adaptive to change — climate change. The unexpected “expected” effects of climate change brought the whole world devastating outcomes like the flash floods in Germany last July 17, 2021 and the heatwave in the UK last July 22, 2021. There is still a lot to do to prevent these catastrophic events. As human beings who are adaptive to change, the new technologies that are built should also be adaptive to rapid change. These technologies are not only adaptive to climate change, but some of them could even help prevent a cataclysmic event that would destroy the environment.

Flood Safeguards or Water Gates is an example of a technology that is adaptive to climate change. With all the sudden change in the amount of rain a place gets, flood safeguards help prevent flash floods. It is important that these gates are well-maintained to prevent rusting which affects its performance when stopping the water from pouring in. Another technology is weather satellites or radar systems. These detect the extreme weather disturbances from above the earth and send its signals back down to warn and evacuate people living in disaster-prone areas. Lastly, efficient irrigation systems in countries prone to extreme weather conditions (e.g. drought, snowstorm, typhoons/hurricanes, etc.). In relation to the flood safeguards, these irrigation systems can store the water for the dry season and efficiently filter and release water to huge water forms like seas, rivers, and lakes.

“The only constant thing in this world is change.” As time passes by, climate change will get worse if humans treat the planet as nothing but a piece of garbage. It is true that the human mind is also responsible for all the technologies that adapt to climate change. Technologies that are being built right now should not only be adaptive but can make and contribute a real change to the present world and to future generations.