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Talking to Parents About Climate Change

Talking to your parents about any subject is rough, but it's especially tough when it comes to topics that are controversial. If you have an open relationship with your parents it might be easier to talk about climate change with them. If you're not as fortunate with your parental situation, but still want to have open discussions, talking about climate change could be a great smooth start.

Climate change is an important issue that is happening today in our society. Everyday more and more of our community environment is being affected by climate change. Things such as polar bears not having ice to stay on or forest fires happening in the Amazon rainforest, climate change affects everybody's life in some way or form. Before you talk to your parents, be sure that you have a clear understanding of what climate change is yourself. Reading articles, books or listening to podcasts and movies/documentaries talking about climate change is a great way to educate yourself. Once you are educated, maybe making a PowerPoint presentation or writing down things that you want to talk about with your parents is an easy way to keep organized. It also shows your parents that you're serious about this. Break it down little by little for them explaining what climate changes, how it affects their daily lives and ways that they can help and get involved are some great talking points. Speak clearly and directly as well as give your parents eye contact. Make sure that your parents are following along and understanding what you're saying. If there's any area of confusion be prepared to answer questions that they might have. At the end of the day, whether or not the conversation goes smoothly you would have at least tried to make a difference by educating another person on climate change.

Not everyone is going to agree with climate change and not everyone is going to do anything about it, but as long as you are educated about climate change and willing to do something about it, that's all that matters. Maybe if your parents see how serious you are about climate change and see you do good things for your community, it will convince them further that they should really take this into consideration. Don't become mad or frustrated with your parents. Being calm, cool and collected is the only way to win over your parents when it comes to talking about serious issues such as climate change.