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Still in the boxing ring

By Jia Chhabra

Commencing the new year of 2022, we fall into the same boxing ring as we did a couple of years ago. New year, new virus yet again. No matter how hard we knock our opponent down, it seems to stand up every time, bestowing us with different experiences.

Now that, in the fullness of time, we are so done with the itchy masks, chaotic work-life, another version of the virus infiltrates our life. Deja vu, yet? It is humiliating to begin yet another year witnessing no change in the conduct of society. New year, but the same doings.

Now that we enter this hope-filled year, we should bury the mistakes that we made and learn from them. It is not too late to right the wrong, to amend the impairment. All the lessons we learned, the loss we suffered, the hopes and dreams that were crushed should be put behind and never happen again.

All the happiness we shared during zoom parties and the fun we had while cooking together or watching all that is on Netflix should be cherished and never forgotten. But it is time we turn the tables around and run over the virus, so we can go back to our happy mask-free lives.

After all, natural disasters, pandemic and all the restlessness around us is the result of our actions, isn’t it?

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