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New year, new virus

Phew, another year over, and here we are, opening our doors to a new hope-filled year, 2021. 2020 was a roller coaster from fires to lockdown, from cooking banana bread to protesting about what we believe in. Mankind experienced almost everything in 2020.

And now when we were finally ready to say goodbye to online classes and cooking tutorials, a new virus infiltrates our lives. Here, we thought 2020 was cursed!

Remember when we had 2020 against humanity in a boxing ring?(In our blog 'Why 2020 is the Future We’d Never Imagined') Let's trade that and put nature against us in that ring. Since the very beginning, humans have been destroying the earth like we have a spare one in our pockets and the earth has been giving us numerous warnings through the Pinatubo earthquake, china floods, amazon fire, tornado of Louisiana, and many more. Instead of helping the earth, we just helped ourselves again by creating more concrete buildings and roads.

In 2021, the novel strain of COVID-19, called SARS-CoV-2 VUI 2020/12/01 or “B.1.1.7 has swung us and we still stand like a tomato can. The allegedly new virus is believed to have similar symptoms and consequences. But we still don’t know if it is deadlier.

2021 is the second round of the boxing match, it is our second shot at saving mankind and our mother earth, and we can’t afford to get knocked out. We don’t have a spare one, do we? If we can destroy it, we can save it too, right?