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Nature: One of the most effective ways of tackling climate change

Climate change is everyone’s problem, however, many people still refuse to acknowledge it. There are many organizations that are working towards reducing the impacts of climate change, but the sad truth is… we are running out of time. Due to the effects of climate change, many creatures are facing habitat loss, and are losing their lives. Due to the depletion of the ozone layer, temperatures are rising and causing extreme changes in the weather. Floods, droughts, hurricanes & heatwaves are becoming more frequent, causing many people to lose their lives, their homes, and their families. The climate crisis is worsening, and it is going to take every single one of us to battle against it. In June 2021, the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres stated the importance of creating harmony between humankind & nature which leads us to today's topic of ‘Nature-Based Solutions’ to combat climate change.

So...what is a ‘Nature-Based Solution’?

Nature-based solutions are actions that benefit both nature & humankind. They protect, sustainably manage, and restore natural or modified ecosystems. They are effective and adaptable responses to social challenges that benefit human well-being as well as biodiversity. For example, trees not only give us fresh oxygen to breathe, but when planted around farmland, they protect crops from the erosive forces of rain.

Nature-based solutions follow the following rules:

1. They respect the conservation of nature.

2. They are integrated with technological and engineering solutions (e.g social media) and can be a powerful disruptive force for societal change.

3. They are based on natural, local, and scientific contexts specific to a particular site.

4. They benefit society in an equitable and transparent manner, promoting an environment of participation and transparency

5. They preserve biological diversity and the ecosystems' ability to adapt over time

6. They are applied on a landscape scale

7. They recognize and address the trade-offs between producing a few immediate economic benefits and producing the full range of ecosystem services in the future.

8. They are involved in the overall design and implementation of policies and programs to address a particular issue

So, how effective are nature-based solutions?

Nature-based solutions are extremely effective! As a matter of fact, studies show that nature-based solutions can provide a ⅓ of the carbon emission reductions required around the world by 2030. These solutions can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 12 gigatons per year! Although these solutions are very cost-effective, they barely get any attention. As a matter of fact, implementing nature-based solutions could create thousands of job opportunities around the world!

Governments around the world really need to give nature-based solutions more thought. This could improve their economy as these solutions are affordable and they create job opportunities, and most importantly they can better the environment. That’s just it! The solution to nature’s problems is nature itself!