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Go Zero to be the Planet’s Heroes

Fashion, lifestyle, branding, vogue. Living in an era where things change so fast; living in an era where not a thing is stable, the places and things the human mind eyes are unpredictable. From living in big cities to gigantic tree-houses and building domiciles that cling to steep cliffs, human desires seem stupefyingly capricious. It is man who first lived in caves and under rocks and moved to what we call today towns and cities, and it is man himself who now seeks his past pleasures.

In this fast-moving world with mushrooming technology, there seem to be nothing humans cannot have. From films that revolve around the dystopian future to films that take us to black and white times, humans clearly love to metamorphose from time to time. From the iconic “Rachel” to owning a KTM, to low-waist jeans and Billie Eilish, we love exploring new trends and replacing them over the old and then get back to invent something totally new that replicates the old. Plastic plates replaced banana leaves in the first place and nowadays plastic plates are fused, shaped, and colored to look like banana leaves. Ten years ago, owning the house you live in became a necessity. And now, renovating it every year has become a sine qua non. Of course, it is all fun and games until we realize how much we are contributing to environmental pollution.

“Zero-waste living? That is impossible!” This is probably the first statement that normally pops up when someone mentions zero-waste living. Well, let me tell you that “zero-waste” living is not actually “zero-waste” living, but sort of like zero-waste living. Didn’t get it, right? Knew it. Zero-waste living is an eco-friendly lifestyle that aims to reduce the amount of waste an individual creates and produces on a daily basis. But if you get used to this lifestyle, then someday you might probably end up creating no waste at all! So the ultimate purpose of this cult is a commitment to send as little wastes as possible. Now that is not something you would call impossible, right? Well, the Americans laughed at the Pushpakviman and praised the Wright brothers. If that can be possible, then this, I must say, is a matter of nothing. Then let’s see how to achieve this.

  • Reduce the amount of waste you produce.

  • Decrease the number of products you buy.

  • Stop replacing your old products and renovating the entire house every year with different aesthetic colors and changing it at the speed of your mood swings.

  • Reuse every product that you have until it’s completely, completely, worn out.

  • Repair the things you see as worn out and fix them into something else.

  • Recycle the product if you find it totally useless and create something new without producing waste!

  • Utilize every minor product.

  • Do not buy products like little dolls and stuff made of China clay if they’re going to stay put in the showcase. Practically, you’re the one who is going to find it difficult, cleaning and dusting them all the time.

  • Go shop-stop.

  • Transform to a lifestyle where almost everything you use is organic.

  • Use food wastes from the kitchen to manure plants.

  • Produce the things you want, rather than buying them.

  • Refuse to receive things you believe are unnecessary. Sometimes it might be hard to turn down the gifts someone gives you. Just know that anything which you do not necessarily need is a waste. So why not confront them directly and educate them about zero-waste living? If you do that, then let me tell you, you are the real hero.

  • Lastly, but most importantly, believe you can do this.

And that's all it takes, darling. Yep, as simple as that. Now, shall we make this happen?

On your marks, get, set, go!