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Earth is losing its glow!

By Twisha Bhatt

Yes. You read that correctly.

Earth is actually losing its glow.

According to research, Earth is reflecting approximately half a watt less light per square meter than it did 20 years ago. The changes in Earth’s reflectivity, also known as its albedo, are not correlated with changes in the Sun’s brightness, as noted by researches from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. This means that the changes in Earth’s reflectiveness are a result of changes on Earth. Researchers were able to detect the changes in the albedo by observing the light reflected by the moon.

The change in Earth’s reflectiveness is said to be influenced by the ocean temperatures rising. This may seem trivial, but it is not.

Earth losing its shine means that there is an increase in solar energy reaching the planet. This is due to climate change.

Due to climate change, there has been a significant decrease in cloud cover, and it has also caused polar ice caps to melt.

Why is that important?

Clouds reflect almost half the sunlight that hits them, and snow and ice reflect the majority of sunlight that hits them.

A decrease in these factors that are known to be responsible for the Earth’s albedo, means that the Earth will glow less. Climate change is the reason behind why our beautiful planet is losing its shine.

Here are some steps YOU can take to help contribute towards the battle against climate change.

● Reduce, reuse and recycle.

● Use eco-friendly modes of transportation.

● Invest in energy efficient appliances.

Let’s make Earth shine again.