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Written by:

Regina Dideles

On July 2, 2021, scientists from the United Nations station in Antarctica recorded the hottest temperature there: 18.3℃ or 64.9℉. This is high for a place that is known to have the lowest temperature ever recorded which was -89.2℃ or -128.6℉ in 1983. Scientists have long known that climate change is an imminent problem for humankind. This led to the creation of multiple sustainable and eco-conscious degrees and jobs. It has many benefits like a higher than average salary, reducing unemployment, and raising awareness on environmental issues that were previously not in the spotlight. There are so many degrees and jobs that focus on environmental policies, sustainable living, and architecture, so here is a list of some of the degrees you can get after high school and jobs after college:

  1. Environmental Law - focuses on creating, revising, and making policies or laws that protect, preserve, and conserve the environment. Schools like Vermont Law, Harvard Law, and Florida State University - College of Law offer this course. Jobs available are environmental lawyer, environmental analyst, environmental project managers, and many more.

  2. Environmental Architecture - focuses on the co-dependence and co-existence of life forms to form alternative concepts of sustainable landscapes. Schools like Carnegie Mellon University, Cornell University, and UC Berkeley offer this course. The Royal College of Art in the United Kingdom offers a masters degree. Some specialties are sustainable architects, preservation architects, and landscape architects.

  3. Environmental Chemistry - studies the formation and interaction of chemicals and how it improves the environmental health and safety of living beings. Schools like UC Berkeley, Yale University, and McGill University in Canada offer this course. Environmental health & safety coordinator, chemist, and environmental consultant are some of the available entry-level jobs with a degree in environmental chemistry.

  4. Environmental Engineering - usually works hand in hand with architecture to provide healthy water, soil, and air for human and animal habitation using science and engineering principles. Schools like Stanford University, UC Berkeley, and the University of Illinois offer this course. Some of the jobs available are water project manager, green building engineer, and engineering technician.

These degrees and jobs aim to make the world a better place by creating environment-friendly products, lessening carbon emissions, and of course, bringing back the original, natural state of Mother Earth. With all these degrees and jobs for an eco-conscious future, the current state of our environment should be a reminder that nothing lasts forever. This will only happen if everyone knows their role and responsibility as an eco-conscious citizen of the world who wants a better place for themselves and for future generations.