Perfectly Flawed Society

I spotted a capsule of some sort in front of me. Curiosity got the best of me and I stepped inside it, closing the door behind me and dropping my backpack. As I looked around, I shook my head and decided it was the lamest thing I’d ever seen. As I reached out to open the door again, it wouldn’t budge. I realized I was trapped inside the capsule. It suddenly started to shake violently, and the movements caused me to fall to the floor. The capsule continued to shake for at least two minutes before it stopped abruptly. I felt nauseous as I stood up, picking up my backpack and attempting to pry open the door. This time it opened. I stepped out and gasped at the scenery in front of me.

The floor in front of me was solid marble, and there were cars that were powered by electricity zooming on the roads below me. The buildings were all made of bright gray metal, and the sky was bright orange from the rising sun.

“Hello there!” A voice said, startling me. “You seem lost.”

I turned my head and looked up at a young boy’s sparkling green eyes. “I’m Xavier. What’s your name?”

“Gabriel,” I said. “Where am I?”

“Canada, of course!”

“But...why does Canada look like this?”

“Are you not from here? I know America’s pretty behind when it comes to the futuristic tech.”

“I’m a time traveller. I came from the year 2021.”

“Woah!” Xavier’s eyes lit up in excitement. “That’s awesome! Well, welcome to the year 2100!” He turned and gestured to
the city below us. We appeared to be standing above a cliff of some sort.

“‘Bout a million people live here right now, all thanks to our androids.”

“Androids?!” I cried.

“Yup. We have thousands of ‘em residing here.”

Xavier knelt down. Suddenly, a robotic dog ran towards him and jumped on him.

“Woah, boy!” Xavier cried, chuckling. “Don’t mind Buddy, he’s my pet dog. A lot of the animals are starting to go extinct, so we resort to robotic ones. I’m sure the pets in your time were much more cuddly.” Xavier stood up, but Buddy tackled him a second time. This time, however, Buddy ran at him with such a force that Xavier suddenly went flying off of the cliff.

“XAVIER!” I yelled, running over to the edge.

Xavier was gripping onto a ledge that was sticking out of the cliff. I took off my backpack and pulled out a rope, dropping it down to Xavier. Xavier grabbed onto the rope and I pulled it back towards him, struggling to pull Xavier back onto the cliff. Eventually, Xavier had made it back up.

“Thank you,” Xavier said, still out of breath. “I gotta teach Buddy to be careful around these cliffs.”

I paused. “What else has changed here?” I asked.

“I find this society very peaceful, at least more than it was back in the 19th century. I read history books of your time sometimes. We have a lot here. Equal rights. No crimes since 2080. Everyone and everything here is...perfect.”

“Hmm…” I pulled out my old diary and my pen, writing 2100 in it. I started to write what Xavier had told me. “If you could change anything about how society is now, what would it be?” I asked him.

“Good question. Well, just because everything seems perfect here doesn’t mean we’re happy. Death rates have been going up. The androids here will probably take over soon. Not sure how much longer we can manage out here.”

I eyed the magic wand inside my backpack. “So if this society could still be imperfect…”

“We’d ultimately be happier,” Xavier said, finishing my sentence for me.

I reached into my backpack and pulled out the magic wand. I also pulled out my pocket knife. “Here.” I handed the items to Xavier.
“What’re these for?” He asked.

I stepped back into the time machine. “Wish for an imperfect society. You deserve to be happy. Oh, and the blade is for if androids take over and you need to defend yourself or whatever.” I smiled brightly. “Enjoy the future while you can, Xavier.”

Xavier smiled back. “Thank you, Gabriel. I won’t forget you.” Xavier raised the magic wand into the air. I closed the door in
front of me and felt myself travel back to the present year of 2021.