Getting To Work

Sand was the only thing you could see for miles. Sand and small rocks were what covered our planet now. You could never tell if you had walked 5 miles or 5 feet when the groups needed to move. The heat made it hard for people to stay on the path, and with the sweat dripping down their skin and sticking to their long layers of dirt-covered clothes I couldn't blame them. But hey, someone had to keep people moving, or else people would slowly start to fall behind, saying that they were just slowing down to catch their breath, but the next time you looked back to see them, the dust and sand had already covered their bodies. I'll be the first to admit it's not easy to keep going, and sometimes I even think about throwing in the towel and letting the next group of people fix this problem, and teach the next generation of people how to live. However, the thing that kept me going, was that not only did the next generation need us.


But this generation did too. All of them did.


Before what the leaders now call “Worlds End”, the earth was flourishing. Many trees stood tall and protected the animals below from the bright devil in the sky. Our population was flourishing, with houses that had pipes filled to the brim with water. Some even had small lakes in their backyard! There was no shortage of food in most places, farmers having more than enough soil and land to build massive farms. There were stories of large buildings built to have people come in and eat. Those stories were always my favorite to listen too, and Ma always told them well. She died a few years ago, silicosis got to her, but that wasn't uncommon anymore.

Then Worlds End hit, too many scientists were trying to explore and too many people were trying to build, at least, that's what Ma told me whenever I asked her about it. Ma was alive before Worlds End, She said that she worked at a place called the Smithsonian, and lived in a place she called “D and C" since her father was a politician. Now, I don't know what a Smithsonian is or where D and C is, but I do know what a politician is. Everyone hated them, I heard the elders talking about how this was all their fault, so I naturally assumed that Ma wouldn’t want to talk about her Pa.

Then, when I was of age, I was elected to run our group. Because I was the fittest and most healthy adult here, I needed to make sure everyone kept moving. Usually, after a full day, we would stop and rest for a while, get some sleep and try to find a bug or two to eat. Food was a luxurious item now, normal people usually ate small flies or chewed on a dead stick that once belonged to trees that grew here. Sometimes we would find a small rat or rabbit who was at the end of her life. Those days we celebrated and feasted, Ma said we were “Feasting like kings”.

I was drawn out of my thoughts when my ears picked up a sound that was not our own. I held up my hand to stop our group from continuing. Sometimes we would come across other groups, some would be friendly and want to work together, but other times, they would be vicious, and try and raid other groups for whatever small supplies they had. This time however, we were expecting someone to show up.

From around the corner came a large group of people, these were known as “the tribe of elders”, they were scientists and politicians from before Worlds End. They housed the most items from before the times changed. No one tried to challenge them, because even they knew that the stuff they kept was probably safer with them.

The woman at the front of the group gave me a small smile and gestured for us to come forward. I marched straight forward up to the woman, the rest of the group moving slowly behind me.

“Do you have them?" I asked, not bothering with any pleasantries. We didn't have time for them.

“Yes” She said, reaching in her back pocket for something. She slowly placed a small bag labeled SEEDS in my hand. It was
time to get to work.

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